Our Program Options

Once we've had your initial consultation, we design a program just for you. All programs include one essential oil, intro to our added services, and a grocery store tour.


During our 12 and 24 week programs we:

  • Listen, encourage, empower and affirm your new path to a healthier life

  • Support you on setting goals. 30 day, 90 day, 180 day

  • Guide you on how to derive a realistic plan to achieve them

  • Guide you from where you are, by suggesting small increments changes

  • Grocery store tour introduces you to new healing foods, and how to identify ingredients that are not good for our bodies.

  • Learn how to use food as medicine


During our 21 day new start program you will learn:

  • Meal Prepping (includes 3 weeks of suggested recipes)

  • How to use food for improving overall wellness

  • How to read food labels

  • Self care techniques

  • Goal setting

  • Plus lose weight


With our team of experts we offer techniques that will increase your success toward your wellness goals:

  • Introduction to breathing techniques to increase blood circulation, energy, focus and more

  • Access to fitness instructors that meet all levels of an individual needs

  • Trichologist for in depth consultation that can determine the root cause of alopecia( hair loss)

  • Chiropractic services, acupuncture for pain management, insomnia, headaches

  • Intro to aromatherapy with therapeutic essential oils

Mane Essentials 101 

Class teaches hair loss practitioners how to incorporate Essential Oils in their practice for hair restoration and overall health.

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