Love to Nana, Mom & Auntie Judi

The last 4 years have been really unique, I lost the 3 most important influences in my life. They were the women that shaped, and cared for me from birth. When I think about how the world is today with the pandemic, the government creating anti socializing, taking away our livelihoods, in the name of protecting us. I often think about my ancestors and what would they do in this time.

My Nana was a pillar in our community she would have rallied her people to help others with food, Clorox & hand sanitizer, mom would have offered transportation to those that still had to go to work, auntie Judi would have made mask for the family and friends.

I think of Cicely Tyson and the legacy she left for women, particularly black women. It made me think of the women in my life past and present.

February is Black History Month and Women's Heart Heath awareness month.

Think about the legacy your ancestor's left. Then think about how you are going to continue that legacy by taking care of yourself to live as long as your ancestors did. They took care of themselves by living healthy balanced lives.

According to the CDC the leading cause of death in women is heart disease. check this out

I pray that you will take this time to Relax, Release and Restore your Mind Body & Soul.

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Here is a picture of the matriarch of our family, she acquired her wings 2 yrs ago today at 95 years old. She was 87 in this picture.