How to protect yourself from COVID19

What do you do when you have been in close contact with someone that has the virus, and start to display symptoms?

This is a burning question especially when you are told to get tested, then are told you are young enough to ride it out, "we have to save the test for the elderly and chronically ill".

Okay I understand, but what do I do in the meantime? "Stay sterilized, and inside, wait it out" says the doctor. This is when you take control of your body with what GOD has already made for us to live and thrive.

What to do:

1.Start at the grocery store, buy the rainbow of foods, juice, cook, eat raw, to protect your cells and boost your immune system

2.Drink water- to stay hydrated and rid the body of any virus or bacteria, oxygenates the blood

3. Rest- to allow your body to repair

4.Herbs -that helps to detoxify

5.Use essential oils- to protect your cells

6.Meditation-to reduce stress

7. Exercise-to keep blood circulating

This creates an alkaline defense protocol for the whole body.

Disease can not live in an alkaline environment.

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