Shawne D. Johnson
Board Certified Integrative
Health & Essential Oil Coach

Certified Hair Loss Practitioner 

  • ​Graduate of Institute of Integrative Nutrition class of 2014

  • The Essential Oil Institute 

  • Board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners 

As a health coach I am your personal advocate for living an energizing, passionate life.

Let me tell you a little about my story... I have been working towards a total holistic life for years now.

I had surgery, heavy periods, constant sinus, bronchial infections, lost my hair, severely anemic which caused me to have an Iron infusion. I thought I ate really well, by not eating red meat or pork but I ate everything else… and still had the same issues, so I knew it wasn’t just the beef or pork. 

How did I turn things around? I found out that my daily diet of, skim milk, cheese, yogurt, creamy salad dressings, breads, crackers, cereal, potato chips, honey roasted nuts and more were the reason’s I was still having problems.

Little by little I started eliminating things one at a time. For example, I tried to go 3 days without cheese, which was hard. I noticed that I didn’t wake up with phlegm (runny nose, clearing my throat) in only three-days. I am serious that’s how fast our bodies will begin to heal itself!

I am happy to say I haven’t had any respiratory issues since 2009. My Iron is normal and my hair grew back with more than one hair strand to a follicle. If you can relate to my story, and want a new path to a healthy life. It starts with one conversation.

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This will be a restoration of wellness for all who participate. We promise it will not be as hard as you think!